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GriefSpeak is a collaborative team committed to the truth that “to speak what feels unspeakable releases what waits in us all.” (Mark Nepo)


Grief is the sound of being alive and human.


We all know that grief is toxic – it can’t be digested – it festers.  Grief is human misery that we transmit if we don’t transform it, and the price of avoiding our grief is a lack of true intimacy with ourselves and with life itself.

Healing our grief is a journey – the literal hero’s journey from suffering to thriving.  And we have to pass through the necessary darkness.  The journey proves that nothing is more personally empowering than claiming dominion over our lives and deciding to get well.  We are committed to that transformation.

GriefSpeak is a gentle, loving presence that offers valuable resources, comfort and guidance based on maturity, experience, education and training. We have engaged in hospice work; directed camps for grieving children; created grief programs, retreats and workshops; and facilitated community grief support groups, teen groups and prison groups.  Indeed, our personal losses motivated and inspired us to aid in the arena of human suffering.  GriefSpeak is the manifestation of devoted service.  May it bless you as it blesses the larger whole of which we are all a part.


The cloud weeps, and then the garden sprouts.

The baby cries, and the mother’s milk flows.

The Nurse of Creation has said, “Let them cry a lot.”


This rain-weeping and sun-burning twine together

to make us grow.  Keep your intelligence white-hot,

and your grief glistening, so your life will stay fresh.

Cry easily like a little child.

~ Rumi

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